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Know your rights and options under Washington State divorce laws.Our team of highly experienced Seattle family law lawyers knows that dealing with a separation, no matter the circumstances, can be extremely difficult for each member of your family. Sensitive matters pertaining to money, asset division, child support, child custody, etc. can be emotionally charged and create significant complexities in divorce proceedings.

Therefore, we are committed to standing by our clients and providing the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary to ensure that each of our cases are resolved successfully and satisfactorily for all parties involved.

Seattle divorce attorneys are here, helping to resolve disputes
and rebuild lives.

We will fight for you in court to preserve your rights to your own property.Our Seattle divorce lawyers have helped hundreds of clients going through difficult divorces to settle legal matters and begin rebuilding their lives after a separation or divorce. Whether you have a highly complex case with a large amount of assets and complicated child custody arrangements, or if you simply are seeking an uncontested divorce, it is important that you are aware of your options and rights under Washington State divorce laws.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers have proven track records for successful trial cases and are here to provide you with all the information that you need to ensure the best outcome for your situation.

While life is full of ups and downs through the years, few things are as difficult as having to face a Seattle divorce. This is especially true when children are caught in the middle.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers will help to protect you, your assets, and your children.

We are WA State family law lawyers, and we are acutely aware of exactly what is at stake when you are staring down the barrel of WA State divorce proceedings.

If you have questions about what to expect in your Seattle divorce, or even simply about Washington State's divorce laws in general, we invite you to call lawyer from our team for an initial consultation. We're here to help. One of our experienced Seattle divorce lawyers will gladly review facts about your case and discuss how we would approach successfully handling your WA State divorce.

Questions about your Seattle divorce?

Our family law team is here to protect you, your assets, and your children.Talk to one of our Seattle divorce lawyers today! If you live in Seattle and are considering or facing a divorce, most likely, you have a lot of questions, including how to find the right Seattle divorce attorneys for your case. As you can imagine, choosing the right divorce lawyer is critical to the successful resolution of your case.

Understandably, most people aren’t sure what lies ahead with Seattle divorce proceedings, often referred to as “dissolution of marriage” actions. The simple truth is that few things in life are as complicated and uncertain as a Seattle divorce. Fortunately, you don’t have go through the process alone. Our Seattle divorce lawyers will aid you through every step.

Consulting with a highly experienced attorney is almost always the best first step. Although every case is unique, most Seattle divorce cases involve similar issues, such as division of debts, division of property, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, uncontested divorces, modifying orders, protection orders, enforcement actions, relocation and more...

We are able to asses your case, see which issues may be applicable, and recommend an approach to help you achieve your goals. Good Seattle divorce family law representation can also help you work through numerous emotional choices and difficult life transitions that most divorcing spouses face.

For example, you may now be asking yourself:

  • "Who is going to reside in our house while the divorce is pending?"
  • "Where are the children going to live?"
  • "Who is going to have access to cars and other assets?"
  • "Who is going to pay the mortgage and other bills?"

Our initial consultation is free, and if these questions sound familiar, we invite you to contact our offices. One of our experienced Seattle divorce attorneys can review the facts of your case and explain how we would approach handling your case.

Do I need a Seattle divorce attorney?

You might be curious if assistance from Seattle divorce attorneys are even needed. There are those that decide to take it upon themselves to search out online resources, purchase forms, and try to obtain free advice from paralegals and clerks when they hit a stumbling block. This effort is sometimes undertaken with the intention of saving money; but in reality, it most often results in costing more, both financially and emotionally due to errors and important details going unchecked throughout the process.

When complex and difficult questions are presented, individuals that do not have an experienced Seattle divorce family law lawyer can be lost. If your spouse already has a divorce attorney on his or her side, you will probably be at a serious disadvantage. Mistakes you make now are often much more expensive and difficult to remedy further along the process. In most situations, these mistakes would not have occurred with the advice from a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

So, although there’s no requirement that you retain attorneys to legally obtain a divorce, it is highly advantageous to you, in most situations. This is especially true if you have been married for any significant period of time, you have accumulated significant assets or debts while married, or if children are involved. Our Seattle family law lawyers will make sure that your legal rights and those of your children are protected.

Our legal experience.

Divorce cases are never simple, and our Seattle divorce attorneys have more than thirty years of experience handling complex cases of all kinds. Some of the many types of divorce issues we handle include: Child custody. Whether you are making your first child custody agreement or modifying a previous arrangement, our legal team is prepared to assist you while making the process as easy as possible for your children.

Allow us to represent you in your appeals for child support payments.

Child support.

Allow our divorce attorneys to represent you in your appeals for child support payments – our goal is to make sure that you will be provided all the financial assistance that the law entitles you to.

Uncontested divorces.

If you and your soon-to-be-former spouse are interested in a way to end your marriage without complicated courtroom proceedings, our Seattle family law lawyers can help you finalize your divorce in a matter of months.

Property division.

Dividing assets can be part of the trickiest aspects of a divorce, and we will fight for you in court to preserve your rights to your own property.

Father's rights.

The courts may tend to favor the mother, but as a father, you are equally entitled to see your own children. Our Seattle family law lawyers will fight passionately for your custody and visitation rights.

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